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Alix Lynx Blackmailed By Your Ex Babysitter Video

Alix Lynx Blackmailed By Your Ex Babysitter Video.




I remember when I used to babysit you and now you're all grown up! Look at you! You look really good! Let's have a drink together. Drink this and we can catch up.

What's the matter? Are you feeling a little out of sorts? I put a little something in your drink. It looks like you're feeling good, which means you're exactly where I want you to be, nice and relaxed in my bedroom. I've been waiting a long time for this.

You're so dizzy, finding it hard to think. Let's take some compromising photos together, shall we? I knew you'd agree in this state. Good, now we're in business. Now, you're going to do everything that I say or I'm going to show your girlfriend these pictures.

I know you want me, so take your cock out. You feel so good, don't you? I know you want to jerk off to me. I know you've wanted to jerkoff to your hot ex babysitter for so long. Jerk off to your babysitter while I take a few more photos. I have so much dirt on you right now.

I know you always had the hots for me and now you get to have some fun with me. Aren't you lucky? Keep jerking, I know you don't want me to leak these photos. Just give in to my perfect body and my cute voice. You're so lucky I'm teasing you and letting you jerk off to me like this. This is actually turning me on, I'm going to touch myself while you jerkoff to your babysitter.

I know you don't want anyone to know what a pervert you are, jerking off to me in my bedroom. So you're going to obey me. I know how bad you are and I just want to help. This is all for you, your babysitter knows what's best for you. Keep jerking it. I know you want to fuck me, admit it. But that will never happen. I just want to control your life. You're going to become my obedient jerking drone. And you're going to pay me for the privilege. Now I won't tell anyone about this little arrangement as long as you continue to be a good boy for me.

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