Miss Tiffany Straight Men Don’t Eat Their Own Cum Video

Miss Tiffany

Would you like it if I teased you with my big tits today? Or my perfect ass? And while I'm doing that, you can jerk off, and cum in your hand, and then eat it for me to prove your dedication. Or even better, you can get into that humiliating position with your legs over your head where you cum in your own face and mouth all for your hot Goddess. What do you say, do you want to eat your own cum for me? Say it, I want you to say, 'I want to eat my cum for you.'



You're so fucking stupid! You do realize that eating cum is gay, right? I've made hundreds of cum eating clips, all for you 'straight' men that want to humiliate themselves by eating their own cum. But you see, straight men don't offer to eat their own cum loser. Only gay men do, only faggots do, only wannabe cocksuckers who are still in the closet offer to eat their own fucking cum! LOL! How have you not realized that eating cum is gay? How have you not realized that you're gay?

You don't only watch these videos, you beg to eat your own cum. You've begged to have a mouthful of cum! Do you think straight men do that? I know, you thought you were straight because you had a hot girl telling you to do so, didn't you faggot?

You need to know that every fucking time you've swallowed your own load, even if it was just once, it's because you are gay. You're actually a cum craving cocksucker but you're too pathetic to admit it, too pathetic to actually go out and get another man's cum. I know I'm hot, but there isn't a girl hot enough to make a straight man crave his own cum. I know you're dumb and easily manipulated but still, you'd have to be gay to eat cum.

Think of an alpha male, a straight male, what's he doing? Fucking girls. Maybe blowing loads in their mouths? He would Never, Ever eat his own cum. He would be thinking about how he's going to fuck me. And you are over here, paying to watch me, just so you can eat your own cum. And this isn't your first cei video, yet you still think you're straight. You're pathetic. Straight men do not beg to eat their own cum. There isn't a girl hot enough to convince him to do it, but you fucking love it.

Maybe you thought it was always just for the 'humiliation', but perhaps now you've realized the truth. If you've ever even tasted your own cum, or felt compelled to, it's because you're gay. I know you're close so I want you to cum, and eat it, just like the little faggot that you are.



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